Defrost Finance
Fair Launch
MELT is distributed by fair launch. The total supply of MELT is 100,000,000.
85% for liquidity provider rewards.
​0x286f1738d74e6c1005c802c0686bb81796fd5318 with Multi-sig control
10% of total supply for Reserve Pool in stabilizer system.
5% for airdrop and marketing.
​0xf6cf051a2c93a94aed57b7e4f5477d0a4a41e665 with Multi-sig control
(There are currently five Multi-Signature Keyholders, controlled by Avatar, Wanlabs and the team separately. οΌ‰
Team and advisor allocation will be based on TVL and released from rewards per day.
TVL < $ 10M: 6% X (rewards/day)
TVL > $ 10M, < $ 100M: 7% x (rewards/day)
TVL > $ 100M, < $ 1B: 8% x (rewards/day)
TVL > $1B, < $ 10B: 9% x (rewards/day)
TVL > 10B: 10% x (rewards/day)
Team allocation is incentivized by the TVL and allocated automatically by the smart contract (teamDistributionContract: 0xf5b609806e91a251498374a4df81cb1698496d4b). The equivalent percentage of the team's allocation will be automatically collected to the contract, when the users are triggering 'claiming rewards' in the pool.
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