Defrost Finance

Predetermined Parameters

The following are predetermined parameters that are set upon launch. Please note that these parameters can be changed through governance procedures at a later stage.
Pairs at Inception: AVAX/USDC, WETH/AVAX, BTC.b/AVAX
Interoperated DEX: Trader Joe
Leverage Range: 1.1x - 5x
Interoperated Yielding Protocol in Super Vault: AAVE and Benqi
Minimum Leverage Trading Position: $100
Borrowing Interest: 0.2% per day
Compounding Frequency in Super Vault: once per day
Compounding Fee from Super Vault: 25% from compounding activities
Open Leverage Fee: 0.1%
Minimum Collateral Ratio: 110%
Liquidation Penalty: [TBD]