Defrost Finance

MELT Emission Schedule

MELT tokens are applied as the incentive for:
  • Providing H2O liquidity. Contributing H2O liquidity on Curve and H2O/AVAX liquidity on Traderjoe will be incentivized. The basic reward in the DefrostH2O3CRV boosting pool, MELT/AVAX boosting pool and H2O/AVAX boosting pool is 39,950 MELT, 2,550 MELT and 850 MELT per day respectively.
  • 1/10 of the MELT rewards mined will be released every 6 days in 54 days.
The release contract will only be triggered once you make the claiming request by clicking 'claiming rewards'. For example, when you make the 1000 MELT withdrawal request, 100 will be claimable immediately and 900 is moving into the releasing contract. The next time you click 'claiming rewards' again, the total claimable part = previously released MELT (according to the releasing schedule) + 1/10 of the newly mined MELT.
To lower the calculation and gas costs, the releasing timer will be triggered according to the last claiming transaction in the contract in a single day (UTC time). It means that if one makes multiple claiming requests in a day, the accumulated amount will start to release (1/10 in 6 days) at the time of his/her last claim.
  • Staking MELT. Staking MELT will be rewarded. MELT tokens will be rewarded for the MELT stakers per day on an auto-compounding basis, and the APY could be eligible for adjustment based on community governance. The auto-compounding mechanism is more beneficial for earlier stakers and longer-term stakers. The MELT rewards will not be vested.
The MELT emission for mining/staking will be decreased at a 15% rate every 3 months.
The schedule chart above is assuming that the released MELT tokens are all claimed by the users. Also, it includes the MELT in the SMELT staking contract if any. The real circulation could be much smaller than the simulation above.
Please note that the MELT emission plan is subjected to changes upon community governance.