Defrost Finance

MELT in V1

MELT is the governance token for the Defrost Finance protocols.
The total supply of MELT is 100,000,000.
Super Vault II is constantly burning MELT tokens which are used as entry tickets. The burnt address is 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001
The utilities of MELT in the protocols are:
MELT underpins voting power in the Defrost governance. As a governance token, MELT is used by its holders to vote on changes to parameters inside of the Defrost Finance Protocol like collateral types, Stability Fees, the H2O savings rate, liquidity mining incentives, minimum collateral rate, and many others.
MELT is the final safety funds to the debts of the Defrost Finance protocols. MELT is bought back from the open market and burnt when Defrost Finance’s protocol reserves exceed a threshold. Inversely, when the Defrost Finance Protocol is suffering from a deficit and the system debt exceeds a threshold, MELT in the stabilizer system will be triggerred and auctioned for H2O in order to recapitalize the system.
MELT stakers are eligible for the distribution of the protocol incomes. The protocol incomes are accumulated from the stability fee and liquidation penalty.
MELT will be mined as the incentives for providing liquidity into the Defrost Finance protocols. More utilities will be unlocked in the future, like mining boosters, higher liquidation tolerance rate, NFT privileges, discounts in protocol costs, etc.