Defrost Finance

Yielding in the Super Vault

Getting yield-bearing tokens as collateral

Please check the Super Vault list and confirm the accepted LP assets (yield-bearing tokens) you can choose for minting H2O. There is a 'Super Vault' tag behind the name of the collaterals.
Please follow the Adding Liquidity procedures to get the collateralized tokens.
Please note that in the Curve Super Vault, you need to choose 'Deposit & stake in gauge' to get the 3avCurveGauge LP tokens.

Minting H2O

Please go to the mint page of the Defrost UI, choose the vault and click “mint H2O”. The procedure is similar to the minting procedures in the normal vaults.
Please note that there will be two steps of approval and two steps of confirmation respectively.

Mining MELT

You can earn MELT rewards by staking the LP tokens of H2O/av3CRV from Curve on the farming page. Please follow the procedures here.