Defrost Finance

Minting H2O

If you've finished the steps above or already have LP tokens in your wallet, you could mint H2O now.
Please go to the mint page of the Defrost UI, choose the vault and click “mint H2O”. Here we take the Trader Joe's AVAX/USDC LP token as an example.
Input the amount of the AVAX/USDC LP token you would like to deposit, and the amount of H2O you are planning to mint. Please note that there is a minimum collateral ratio for each collateralized asset. It controls the maximum amount of H2O you can mint, which is shown on top of the H2O column. There is an 80% button for your convenience.
There will be an approval request of spending the asset when adding liquidity for the first time.
The minimum H2O minting amount is 200.