Defrost Finance

Mining MELT

There are three ways of earning MELT rewards.
  • Staking the LP tokens of H2O/av3CRV from Curve. (to be online from 16:00 UTC 23 November)
  • Staking the LP tokens of MELT/AVAX from Traderjoe. (to be online from 16:00 UTC 26 November)
  • Staking MELT on Defrost. (Earn MELT and platform fees in H2O, to be online from 16:00 UTC 3 December)

Getting the LP tokens

Getting the LP token on Trader Joe and Curve has a similar process as the examples shown above.

Getting H2O/av3CRV on Curve​

Please go to this deposit page and choose the type and amount of stablecoins you would like to deposit. Please note that this pool is designed to be an H2O-av3CRV balanced pool, the optimal way is to contribute H2O with another one or several stablecoin at a 50-50 rate.
For example, you can choose to deposit 100 H2O with 100 USDC; or 100 H2O with 30 USDC and 70 DAI. The slippage is shown directly on the UI.

Getting the LP tokens of MELT/AVAX on Traderjoe​

Please go to this deposit page and choose the amount of AVAX or MELT you intend to deposit.
After the transactions are processed on chain, you will have the LP tokens in your wallet.

Staking the LP tokens

Please go to the farming page and choose the LP you would like to stake.
Input the amount you plan to stake and confirm the transaction.
After successfully making transactions, you can check your farming position on the “Your Vault” page. Here you can check your APR and claim the MELT rewards.
Please note that 1/10 MELT mined are released immediately and the rest 9/10 are linearly released every 6 days in 54 days. The release contract will only be triggered once you make the claiming request by clicking 'claiming rewards'. For example, when you make the 1000 MELT withdrawal request, 100 will be claimable immediately and 900 is moving into the vesting contract. The next time when you clicking 'claiming rewards' again, the total claimable part = previously released MELT (according to the releasing schedule) + 1/10 of the newly mined MELT.