Defrost Finance


The current H2O minting contract only allows for reserving the native yields embedded in the LP tokens, like the interest in Qi tokens and the transaction fees in Curve LPs. It cannot claim and distribute the mining rewards on behalf of the users, such as QI rewards in Benqi and CRV rewards in Curve.
To solve this issue, Defrost Finance introduces a next-generation vault that will allow users to enjoy further rewards from three sources:
  • Embedded rewards in the LP tokens, like interest or transaction fees
  • Mining rewards distributed by the interoperated projects
  • MELT rewards for minting H2O and providing liquidity on Curve
For example, if you are lending USDC on Benqi, qiUSDC will automatically accrue interest in USDC and earn rewards in QI. By providing qiUSDC in the Super Vault, you will be able to reserve all of the rewards on Benqi, while still enjoying the additional MELT rewards by minting H2O and providing liquidity.
Super Vault contracts were audited by Certik.