Defrost Finance

Super Vault II

Super Vault II was introduced in Defrost Finance from 2022/1/25 with the cooperation of Stakedao's av3CRV strategy.
The main difference with the previous Super Vault is that the new one will have a “ticket” for users who wish to join, paid in MELT and proportional to the LPs deposited.
  • The basic function is still the same as Super Vault and users can still use it to leverage their positions.
  • The Super Vault II will cover safe LP tokens with good and sustainable APYs.
  • However, a small amount of Melt should be paid as a ticket to join the Super Vault II.
  • The ticket is charged one time when users deposit their LP tokens into the Super Vault.
  • The MELT charged will be burnt using the following address:​
  • Over the long term, the tickets could be adjusted to balance the use of leverage.
  • The initial cap of the new Super Vault is an important index to balance the use of leverage.

Entry Fees (per $1000 collateral)

  • StakeDAO - 5 MELT
  • aAVAXb - 1.25 MELT
  • av3crvGauge (Curve) - 2.5 MELT
  • qiDAI - 1.25 MELT
  • UST/USDC (Pangolin) - 1.25 MELT
  • TricryptoGauge (Curve) - 1.25 MELT
  • AaveAVAX (Yield Yak) - 1.25 MELT
  • AaveUSDC (Yield Yak) - 1.25 MELT
  • gOHM - 1.25 MELT
  • qiUSDT & qiUSDC - 1.25 MELT