Defrost Finance

📚 Introduction

(This site is constantly updating, due to upgrading to V2)
Defrost Finance is a DeFi protocol built on Avalanche. It has two versions, the Defrost V1 and the Defrost V2.
The most up-to-date version(the Defrost V2) is a new-generation DeFi leveraging protocol, that efficiently allows users to participate in leveraged trading or earn leveraged yields in a trustless and user-friendly way.
Users will be able to use the Defrost V2 in two ways — as liquidity providers in lending pools or margin traders.
Margin/leverage trading will be powered by supervaults, with the latter acting as lending pools. Idle assets not yet utilized to power margin trading in lending pools are deposited in interoperated DeFi platforms to continuously accrue interest and mining rewards. When traders open their positions, an equivalent amount of assets will be withdrawn from other yielding positions and lent to the margin contract.
A margin/leveraged trader can decide to take a long/short leverage exposure level when opening a position. The leverage level can be adjusted at any time and collateral can be added or withdrawn freely, assuming the position maintains the required collateral ratio to avoid liquidation, bringing extra flexibility to users.
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